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I'm doing a new PC in the next couple weeks (parts are shipping) . I got a good deal on a copy of Windows 8 from the Microsoft store because I'm a student. Problem is it's a digital download and install, they don't mail you the physical disk. If I download the file (it's an .exe) and put it on a USB drive will I be able to install it on my new PC?

Just a note that this is a full copy of Windows 8 not an upgrade version.
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  1. If it's an exe, then it either extracts out to an ISO, or is meant to be run from a running Windows installation.

    Were there any directions on how to install it?
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    I am pretty sure purchasing digital copies of Windows 8 from Microsoft come in an .iso extension. You take that and use the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool from Microsoft with a +4gb USB and you're set!
    Don't hesitate if you have any more questions!
  3. Just wanted to provide an update as to how it worked out.

    When you buy Windows 8 from the Microsoft store you can create an iso extension from the install. It doesn't look like it at first because it asks for your product key and everything long before those options show up. It kind of feels like your going to install over your own system at first, but your not.

    First you download the windows 8 download from your profile on the Windows store (where your product keys are stored.) This downloads a program called Windows Startup Box

    Second, you run that file which confirms your product key is valid and downloads another program called Install Windows.

    From there you select the "install from media option". That gives you the option to create a USB drive file (3GB required). Or create an ISO image to burn to a disk.

    If you want to install Windows 8.1 on a different computer that doesn't already have a Windows operating system installed you must create a DVD and do it from there. It cannot be done through the standard Windows install tool from USB.

    Now that you have an ISO file the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool can be used to create USB install media for a fresh system if you wish.

    You can use a USB to install on another computer that has a version of Windows already installed natively through the installer.

    Thanks for the responses everyone, hopefully this helps other people with the same problem in the future.
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