Can I test boot without a graphics card or speaker?

It's all in the title.

I just built a gaming pc but my gpu hasn't arrived yet and my mobo doesn't have intergrated so can I somehow see if my computer is working without doing a test boot?Also, I have connected the hd audio header does this mean I can hear the pc post or not?
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    In order to hear POST beeps you will need to plug a speaker into the speaker header on your motherboard. The speaker usually comes with your motherboard.
    Your computer wont boot without a video card installed, or at very least having your on-board video enabled (which I understand you don't have).
    The best you can hope for is hearing the post beep code telling you that your BIOS can't detect a video card. That code will vary depending on which motherboard you have.
    If that's enough then by all means, plug in your PC speaker and beep away!
  2. Thanks :D,

    The motherboard didn't come with a speaker header. But can I connect an external speaker through a headphone jack since the audio header is in?
  3. There's no way to tell without assembling the components. Still you will not be able to have a display. Basically the HSF will spin and you could see some led blinking on MB.

    No HD audio header is for your sound box and not for post beep.
  4. What motherboard do you have exactly? I've never heard of one without a speaker header.
  5. no, I mean my mobo didn't come with the "beeper" itself, it does have a speaker header.

    My mobo Is the M5A97 R2.0.
  6. Welshstig said:
    no, I mean my mobo didn't come with the "beeper" itself, it does have a speaker header.

    My mobo Is the M5A97 R2.0.

    Ahhh ok. Gotcha. Your better off waiting until you get a graphics card to fully test your system. At this point all you can do is watch the fans spin. That's not much fun, now is it?
  7. Ahaha! Thanks for all your help! :D
  8. Hey I'm doing the same thing! I figured I could put everything together in the mean time while I wait to buy the gpu. Did it end up don't as you thought and the beeps verified that everything ran correctly?
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