Black Screen after login, Mouse cursor Issues(Win 7)

So recently I have been experiencing various issues with my Windows 7 Computer.

Not all of these issues are experienced at one given time, I have experienced these issues over a few weeks, but all started at the same time.
-After selecting a user and where the desktop "should" appear, instead a black screen with a simple white cursor displays.
-Sometimes not all processes load at start, including Wi-Fi, Mcafee Antivirus, Geforce Experience and more. When this happens if i attempt to open any programs the computer freezes.
-When all processes do load, sometimes my cursor will randomly freeze, or wont change from a hand when hovering over links.
-Cursor occasionally lags 3-4 seconds behind mouse movements.

Computer Specs
HP Pavilion Elite HPE-130f PC
Windows 7 64bit Home Premium
Intel Processor
Geforce 550 Ti Graphics Card (Not factory)
16GB RAM (Not factory)

What I have tried
-Different video drivers(All same result)
-Restore Points
-Reset BIOS to factory settings
-Tried using on-board

No major changes were made to the computer that i can think of. No hardware or software was added or changed.
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  1. Did you tried on safe-mode ? Check to see if the problem persists.
  2. lonewolf7 said:
    Did you tried on safe-mode ? Check to see if the problem persists.

    Well like i mentioned i get varied results when playing around with the computer. If i get a black screen after i login. i force a shut down and then boot into safe mode. Which works- then oddly enough after i mood into safe mode most of the time i can then shutdown and boot into windows normally. Thats when i start to experience the other weird errors like processes not loading, cursors freezing, programs not opening, etc.
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    It seems like driver/software issue. By any chance do you have MalwareBytes installed ? If so uninstall it. If not then try to uninstall suspicious programs one by one. Or backup your stuffs, format and do a clean install of OS.
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