New CPU, New Motherboard -- are these good choices?

I'm replacing the motherboard and my CPU on my PC build and wanted some input.

Is the second one worth the extra money? I don't see a Ghz rating on it.

And this was the motherboard I'm thinking of getting :

Does anybody see any problems with these?

I'm also going to replace my hard drive with a Seagate Barracuda

Other components:
HIS Videocard
Team Elite 2x4GB RAM
Corsair 500W PSU.

Thanks in advance!
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  2. _Vass said:

    Sorry newb here, how will dropping the GPU benefit me?

    Also what is an igpu? I'm guessing its just a sort of built in gpu inside a cpu?
    How do you feel about the mobo i posted and this cpu (while keeping the video card)

    My PC is just going to be for gaming

  3. the motherboard looks good but the 6350 won't be compatible with it. the 6350 is better than the A8-6600k. the A8-6600k has a intergrated gpu which is not that good. the 6350 doesn't but that doesn't matter as you are going with a dedicated one anyway (i'd advise better than a 6670, maybe a 7770 or 7750). the A8 is a FM2+ socket and the 6350 is AM3+, keep that in mind when looking at motherboards.
  4. Okay thanks a bunch!
    I can't really upgrade my video card for the sake of saving money, and I've decided to go with this CPU

    And this motherboard

    The motherboard has "PCI Express 2.0 x16" and my GPU is "PCI Express 2.1 x16", they should be compatible correct?
    I can't wait to get my computer running again...!

    EDIT: Since the 6600 has better specs and is relatively the same price wouldn't it be better to buy that, disable the iGPU, and use my dedicated card -- or am i missing something?
  5. there is no iGPU on a 4300, and yes 2.0 and 2.1 are backward compatible
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