Dell Vostro 200 mini tower graphics card upgrade

Hello I'm new here so excuse me if this is a basic question. Recently I got a Vostro 200 mini tower desktop from the a garage sale for $10. It actually has pretty good specs.

interl core 2 duo E8400 3.00GHz
4.00gb of ram
ATI Radeon HD2400 pro graphics card
psu should have 300w supply

so Im thinking about getting a new video card for this machine and just use this computer at home for basic work and light weight gaming (2k games and Pro evolution soccer etc)
right now I am looking at the nvidia gtx650 tiboost with 1gb or 2gb. plus a better supply. is this too much for this computer( will the cpu "bottleneck" the gpu)?
if that is not a very good option, what would a better card for this machine?

thanks a lot for your help in advance!
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    Get a XFX Radeon HD 7750 DDR5 for $80 after rebate:

    If you prefer nVidia, then the GTX 650 would a little more powerful, for a little more money. PNY GTX 650 for $90 after rebate:
  2. MMMm 300w PSU? You might want to check on those cards for the power. Normally when you go to include a decent video card you need more then a generic 300W (normally I seen best to be 600W). But as it is a mini tower, you can be limited on what you can get (maybe reason they sold it off so cheap?) because the mounting location / size of the case limites what powersupplies / and GPUs will fit in it. Take your dimensions inside the case and make sure stuff will fit too!
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