A couple of questions about motherboard screws

Building my first ever computer and just trying to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong.

1. Does it matter which type of screw I used and if I only used 4 (correctly)?

My mobo only needs 6 standoffs & screws and I accidentally used the wrong screw for one slot. It fits in the standoff, but doesn't tighten and it's stuck in the standoff as well so I can't remove it without applying a lot of force, which I'm scared to do. Also, I didn't put a screw in one slot because it is right under the GPU.

Besides this, my motherboard feels really sturdy and doesn't move unless I move it forcibly.

2. Does it matter if a screw touches the small dots surrounding the slot?

This is what I mean:
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    the motherboard mounting screws serve two purposes:

    1. They secure the motherboard to the case

    2. They provide grounding points from your motherboard to the case

    It is extremely important that all of the motherboard standoffs and their corresponding screws are attached and installed correctly.
  2. It's OK (or so). Go ahead.
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