AMD X6 FX-6300 Desktop Black Edition Support MSI 760GM-P23 (FX)?


I'm currently wondering if the AMD X6 FX-6300 Desktop Black Edition with the CPU code of FD6300WMHKBOX support the MSI 760GM-P23 (FX). On the MSI website, it contains a CPU support list and the AMD X6 FX-6300 is one of the supported CPU's, but with the CPU code of FD6300WMW6KHK. Will that little change in the number, or that it's the Desktop Black Edition make any difference?

(Note: Please don't say to find one with the exact code somewhere else or just Google it, because those comments are worthless and won't help me with my problem. And yes, I did Google it.)

PS: Will it also support Core-Unlocker, or will that only work with certain CPU's?)

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  1. You will be fine, any fx 6300 is supported and about core-unlocker that works with some phenom 2 and athlon 2 cpus, that if you´re lucky enough you could unlock a core but right now the fx don´t support that.
  2. Sorry if this is a little late but i use a fx-6100 and a msi 760GM-P23, the worst board i have ever used, it does not support my cpu on full use because VRM a NB protection if you could fin a gigabyte that would be better.
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