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Hello All,
I am trying to download my old home movies from the 8mm tape to my pc and then fixed them up and burn it to a DVD. but I don't know how much room will a 1 hour of tape take on the hard drive so I can buy the appropriate size of the hard drive. can anyone help?
Thank you
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  1. You can buy 1TB external drives for pretty cheap now adays, but I am assuming a 500gig would serve the purpos. A 2 hour hgh def movie is around 4 gigs so that should give you a good reference point.
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    Depending on the bitrate(new formats can allow lower bit rates) and format you use.

    DVD uses MPEG2. I average about 3 gigabytes per hour in this format(my card has a pre defined dvd ready bit rate it records at. I am using it with media center.), but this will depend on the quality setting you use(more quality = higher size). You have a practical limit for DVD(over that limit, the dvd player may not be able to keep up).
  3. 2TB is the sweet spot for price and compatibility.
    a 1tb is about $65 and a 2tb is $20 more roughly.
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