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Hi Community Members! I have a few questions about getting a NAS box for the home.

I was originally looking at getting a Synology 2 Bay NAS box for the home but then I heard about the WD MyCloud and its very attractive price. What I am looking for in a NAS is the ability to backup files on my Mac and PC to the NAS and to also have mobile app support for streaming media to my phone (pictures and videos mainly) while I am out of the house. An example would be that I would like to store pictures on the NAS and pull them up on my phone with the app while I'm away from home to show friends and family vacation pictures. Or to stream a movie while traveling.

The one thing I really like about the Synology is the redundancy of having 2 hard drives in a RAID 1. However I was reading that with the WD MyCloud I can attach an external drive to it and create safe points. This would probably be better since I can store the external drive in a safe when not in use in case of a fire or theft. I feel like the WD MyCloud is a better option when it comes to price and what I am using it for. Even with an external drive it would still be cheaper than getting a Synology 2 Bay with 2 drives. I won't be using it for streaming media with Plex or bit torrents but just for basic backing up and streaming photos and movies.

Can the WD MyCloud do what I want it to do. (Mainly the streaming media part)

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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  1. I purchased a WD MyCloud 4TB a little over a month ago and love it. The MyCloud hooks up to the router via one of the lan ports and does have a usb 3.0 port on the back for adding an external hdd.

    -So far I've only hooked up my portable 1TB Toshiba external to the MyCloud. The two drives aren't seen as one though. The external will show up as a folder on the MyCloud program. You are able to access that drive though and put files on it though.

    -As far as streaming goes I was able to stream an episode from the external hooked up to the MyCloud from my tv. Streaming from the MyCloud works great, just put your media on it and search for it from whatever device you are using to stream the media to.

    -When it comes to file transfers, for me it takes roughly 40 minutes to transfer a 12.2gb media file from the MyCloud to the pc and pc to the MyCloud over wireless N. My router is the Asus RT-AC66U 1750. It will make a big difference though in transfer speeds if your router only has megabit lan ports as opposed to gigabit lan ports

    I haven't used this with a Mac but I do know that there is a mac version of the WD MyCloud app and by default the MyCloud does have a time machine backup folder on it. Hope this all helps you with your decision. I apologize if any of my wording is jumbled, I tend to get like that sometimes when explaining stuff and don't always catch it.
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