USB Device Over Current Status Detected! Asus P9X79 LE Mobo

Hey guys,

I've seen a few things on the net about this but nothing that is really resolving the issue for my set up exactly:(

Basically i get this message when i boot up. With or without keyboard and mouse plugged into the front USB's or the Back USB's. If i remove the cables that connect the front USB's to the motherboard, the error message doesn't appear, but of course the front USB's will not work which is an issue for me as its only really a temporary fix.

This is a brand new build that ive been working on. It worked correctly for about 2 hours, i went away for dinner, came back and this message started appearing :(

Any help would be truly, truly appreciated! i was really hoping to get this up and running for christmas, but alas, i am no longer sure that will happen:(

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  1. Look at the front case USB ports for damage. Are any pins touching inside those ports?
  2. SchizTech said:
    Look at the front case USB ports for damage. Are any pins touching inside those ports?

    Thanks so much for the reply!

    I just had a check on them 3 ports and it doesnt look like any pins are touching each other. Also it was working before for 2 hours, wouldnt that be something that would happen straight away?
  3. OK, how many motherboard USB headers and case header cables do you have? Try one front panel cable in each available motherboard header to try to isolate one specific header or one specific cable causing the issue. Also make sure if you have a cable that's a single port (four-pin) cable that it's plugged in the proper orientation. A cable plugged in backwards could cause an issue.
  4. Okay i tried what you asked. I have 3 front panel USB's. Ive singled it down to the USB3 cable not working. I tried plugging in the other 2 cables in the same ports as well and it works, so from what i can tell its the cable :( They are all 9 pin connectors for USB as well.

    Any ideas what this could mean?
  5. Where is this USB3 front port? Can you provide a link to the model of case? Your board has a USB3 header that looks like this

    An internal usb3 cable looks like this

  6. You're confusing me a bit when you say its Usb3 and they're all 9-pins since a 9-pin adapter is 2 USB2 ports. If it's a different port for a single USB3 (I've never heard of) that's the problem: you're plugging it into a usb2 header.
  7. ahh, its a USB 2.0 slot i believe, my motherboard is an Asus P9X79 LE and my case is an Alienware Area 51 ALX
    Thats an image of the mobo. Basically i have a cable named "USB3" buts its just the 3rd usb cable, not actually usb 3.0, sorry i should have clarified.
  8. ah, I see.

    Can you trace which ports that cable powers (or function without it as long as the others work?)
  9. i could function without as i assume the 2 of the 3 ports on the front would still work right?
    would it be a case of changing out that front panel hub otherwise? or a new case?
  10. Ordinarily a 9-pin plug connects two ports (one on each row or 4 pins, and a 9th pin to make sure it isnt' plugged in backwards) so I'm guessing there might be another device using the third USB connector. Is there anything like a card reader built into that case?

    But for now, try to figure out what that cable connects. Leave it out, run the system and try to connect to the front ports to see what isn't on.
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