Can't get cpu temp with any monitoring program except in bios!

cpu: amd a10-6800k
mobo: msi fm2 a75Ma
ram: 16gb
gpu: gts 250

My problem is that I can only get the temp reading of my mobo and cpu in bios. I downloaded coretemp, pcwizard, hwmonitor, speedfan. They all detect ONLY my hard drive and gpu temp.

I searched around and I have tried to disable unlock or unleash cores feature in the bios but there is no option for that in the new msi bios where you can use the mouse to change the settings.I have never overclocked my cpu but on the first boot, the screen said oc genie enabled. SO I changed it to standard mode in bios. Still no temp detection.
Please help!!!
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  1. Try AIDA64 it worked for me and I have a Athlon II x4 760K and it's basically a APU with the APU part locked.
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