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Hi I'm building a new system!

Would this Processor (Intel Core i5 - 4670K):

Be Compatible with this Motherboard Chipset (Z87 Chipset) ??:

and Lastly would an Intel Core i7 - 4770K be compatable with the Z87 Chipset? :
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  1. There are many Intel chipsets and sockets. The i7-4770K only fits in a LGA 1150 socket. It's the latest Haswell 4th Gen CPU. The Z87 chipset would be ideal for overclocking. But if you're not planning on overclocking , the cheaper H81 and B85 Motherboards would do fine.
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    Yes. The i5 4670K and i7 4770k are both compatible with that motherboard. As far as I know, as of now, all consumer, Haswell-based CPUs such as the 4xxx i3, i5, i7 all run fine on Z87 chipset motherboards.
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  4. Yes both of the CPUs you list are compatible - the primary difference between the two (other than price is teh i7 4770K has Hyper threading - either will work perfectly fine with your chosen mobo
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