Bran new system boots for 1 second, turns off, boots, turns off, then boots

This is a tricky one :fou:

So my bran new system boots for 1 second, turns off, boots for 3 seconds, turns off, then fully boots.

I thought it was the PSU so I went and bought a new one, no luck.

Ive tried different hardrives, taking out the video card, no luck.

There's no beeps.

Ive read every thread on here but nobody has the exact problem I do.

And yes when it turns on, all the fans spin up.
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  1. Anyone? I really need help. Please!
  2. Any overclocking? XMP profile for memory? What are your specs? What is the history- when did it started? Set your mobo to optimized defaults, disconnect all USB devices.
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    Hi, I Have similar problem ;( (Different system though, (i7 4820, lga2011, x79 chipset)), have posted a thread about this. The difference is that my system never starts up at all, it tries , goes down ater a second, tries again and so on.... To me it appears to be a power distribution issue. I will try to change the motherboard on my system, that is the only thing i not tried (apart from the cpu itself).
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