Best motherboard for my new game PC

Below the new setup of my computer (still some additional/missing components in the list from which I will be choosing (PSU mainly):

'Prijs' and 'Subtotaal' are the current prices of the products for me.

I will be running a non-ref R9 290 as soon as it comes out and will be overclocking the CPU and GPU.

I would like to know if this motherboard is overkill or not and what my alternatives are:

Also, I do not like MSI (personally have had many issues with them and don't trust them any more (this is subjective but I have had 2 DOA motherboards from them and other issues). Favorite brand is ASUS since they have never disappointed me.
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    That is a really extreme mobo, good quality components, is highly OC mobo, if you can afford it, then go agead with no hesitate. also really good opinions on all pro reviews, highly recommended.

    Also remenber a R9 290 has a max TDP of 250W and requires - 33A and a 600W psu minimum.

    So Related to PSU, I would pick the one with better efficiency(platinum), also with higher labeled power (660W)from Seasonic.
  2. Thank you, I prefer better safe than sorry, regardless of paying a bit more. Think those two are the right decisions as well. Hoping the non-ref 290's will be of a decent price in The Netherlands as soon as I buy the system :).
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