Are These Components Compatible? And any thought on other products?

Hey guys i'm new here and i'm building my new Rig The name Vitez i'm an animator and a gamer and i'm looking to make a computer that will last me about 5 years from now and here's what i have found:

Already Have:
Gtx680 4gb Graphics card
16gb Kingston Ram
and a 500gb HDD Memory

What i have found:
i7 4820k intel core
ASUS sabertooth x79 Mobo
Antec 1100 Gaming case
Antec High Current Platinum 850w power supply
Silver arrow extreme Heat sink
Noctua NF-F12 fans x3
250gb SSD

Please let me know if all these parts are compatible and any other products you think i should replace and just letting you know my budget for this new PC is around $1400 Thanks again guys.
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    i would rather go for a 4770K+Z87...other than that looks fine
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