Another GTX 770 or i7 4770k?

So I currently have a fx 8350 which is bottlenecking lots of games for me, ie arma 3, planet side 2, crysis. I could either get another gtx 770 and SLI that with my current 770 and keep the fx 8350, OR have an i7 4770k with a single gtx 770. What do.
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  1. 8350 bottlenecking ......u kidding ??

    another 770 is your best move right now ... just be sure your power supply is Strong .. like 1000 W or something

    changing from 8350 to 4770K will be like 5-8 Fps differance
  2. I'm quite sure the 8350 isn't bottlenecking you. Throw in another 770 and see the "bottleneck" vanish.
  3. Another 770 in SLI would be the way to go.
  4. I'd get a good cpu cooler(oc that 8350) and get a 2nd 770.
  5. Okay, sorry i was unclear. On games that can't use up to 8 cores, like arma 3 for example (my favorite game at the moment), the i7 performs WAY better and there's no doubting that. From the standpoint of arma 3, would the way to go be an i7? And my i7 IS bottlenecking my 770 on arma because its a very cpu dependent game, and doesn't use hyper threading.

    Side note - How would an i7 4770k and gtx 770 SLI preform?
  6. A 4770K and SLI'd 770's would perform very well, it would be similar to the system I run in my signature.
  7. With a build that has i7 4770k and GTX 770 SLI, do you think I could get at least 30 fps on arma at ultra on arma 3, and at least 60 on ultra on bf4?

    Also, I need to find a motherboard that works with Intel. Could you help me? Preferably red and black.

    Also, does DDR3 ram work with any CPU? Thanks
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    mikestogy said:

    In general, most modern motherboards take 240 pin DDR3 RAM. That Corsair Dominator you selected will work, but is extremely overkill. You do not need 16GB for gaming and Corsair Dominator is way overpriced for what you get.
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