3 long beeps. Nothing on startup

So I just put together my first build

Upon startup there was 3 long beeps and nothing came up on th screen. Doe anyone know what this means?
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  1. From here

    It says that there's a problem with the Keyboard

    But if it's 3 short beeps, then it should be the RAM. Try re-inserting it.
  2. Tried reinserting the ram and plugged a keyboard in, still nothing :S
  3. try posting with no gpu and one ram stick. if your posting and see the bios update the bios then put in two dimms. if it runs fine put in three dimms. if it errors out at 4 dimms you may have to bump the ram voltage. most of the newer intel mb run better with two larger dimms then four. also look to see if the cpu power eight pin plug is connected.
  4. ^ Just what I was going to add. Try booting with just one stick of ram at a time and if the first one does not work try a different one. Also try a different ram slot just to make sure they are all working to.

    I would also start the testing using the igpu first by removing the GPU and plugging the monitor into the onboard video just to rule that out.
  5. I tried taking out graphics card an booted it with one stick of ram, no beeps, but still no picture, I also tried putting the graphics card back in and running the hdmi through that
  6. with no beeps but no video...make sure you used the brass standoffs and the motherboard not shorted to the case. on the outside adge of the mb is a 4/8 pin connector make sure the two four pin black power plugs are connected to it.
  7. Yeah I used the standoffs and the CPU power cable is connected if that's what you mean. Still no picture.
  8. if from the ipgpu or gpu there no bios splash screen or post number showing. check that your cpu installed right. if it not seated the mb wont post.
  9. So I just took the processor out and reinstalled it and still no picture...
    Any other ideas?
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