how much thermal paste on gpu?

so i just reapplied thermal paste too my gpu.

i have a gtx 560 ti
and i over clocked it
900 core clock and 2106 memory clock and didnt change voltage 1012v

just got done playing csgo and my max temp for my gpu was 84c. do you guys think thats ok? even though i reapplied thermal paste?

i honestly didnt use that much thermal paste i used the dot method and i put a little more than i did on my cpu which is like a grain of rice. is that ok?

i also dont have any case fans in my computer

should i reapply thermal paste and put more?

idling right now its around 53c doing nothing?
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    that's too high for idle temps and dangerous for load temps.. something isn't working properly with the gpu cooler: either paste or it isn't properly seated. check out this review for a how to:,review-32828.html

    could you tell us the cooler model?
  2. well now its actually at 41c
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