Which case should i choose and why?

Alright Guyz so im going to build a pc. And im torn apart between two cases. Namely the
Coolernaster k350
Or the
Aercool xpredator 1
So my quesitons are:
-Which case is better for future upgrades?
-Which case is bigger?
-Which case has better airflow?
Which case gets more fans when buying?
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    -Aerocool is bigger than the Cooler Master K350
    -Aerocool comes with 2 pre installed fans (one front, one rear), while the Cooler Master K350 comes with one (front)
    -Aerocool supports 6 fans, while the Cooler Master supports 4 fans
    -Aerocool comes with rubber grommets, better looks for cable management
    -Aerocool supports CPU Coolers with height of 158mm (Cooler Master Hyper 212), while the Cooler Master K350 supports 148mm
    -Aerocool comes with installed fan speed regulator at the front
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