i5 661 ram compatibility issues

Hello, been building a new rig with half spares half new parts and i ran into some issues which i cant resolve as of yet. here are my specs

CPU : i5 661
MOBO: Asus P7P55D
HDD: WD 1TB Black
GPU : Sapphire hd6870
PSU: CM 500w
RAM: (problem area)

now the problem i'm facing is the ram. i have 3 setups,
A 1 stick 8gb 1600 kingston value ram;
B 2 stick 4gb 1600 kingston value ram and,
C 1 stick Mushkin 4gb 1333

i've updated the bios, tried everything in every ram slot, use memOK to underclock the ram. now the thing is with A and B, i can only get so far till windows loading screen and it crash and restart. I realised A is not supported with my MOBO therefore i went B, and it still crash.

with B either trying with 1 stick or 2 stick it still crashes. i tested both sticks in B in another rig seperated from this one and it works perfectly fine. so no ram defect here.

however, when i use C it loads perfectly fine into the home screen. so i'm confused here. what exactly is wrong? is it the ram? the mobo? or something else

thanks in advance for any responds!
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    rams golden rules:
    1) least amount of modules
    2) most matched modules

    your also seeing early DDR3 memory controllers/devices with new DDR3 (8gb sticks, high speed memory etc) - its always going to be hit and miss

    try setting the ram voltage to 1.55v and forcing it to 1066 or 1333mhz (correct spec from Intel - ignore the ASUS bs)

    also take note crashing etc use memtest to confirm the memory is actually aok and not assume that not crashing means it fine
  2. ok i'll try that now and see how it goes first!
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