Power supply has name of connections on it, but same plug?, can it be plugged in randomly?

OK so on the actual PSU itself it says, "SATA", "PCI", but they all seem to have the same plug so you can pretty much plug them to any port on the PSU, is this to simply guide user to make correct connections or simply when removing components it would make it easier to identify connections?, or is it simply because it has to be plugged in the right area, all the pins on the power supply/plugs are the same (have 8 pings, 4 top 4 bot, per plug)
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  1. what model power supply?
  2. de5_Roy said:
    what model power supply?

    XFX XXX Edition 650W
  3. i believe the SATA connections have 12, 5 and 3.3 volt power for the motor and logic on SATA hard drives whereas the PCI only has 12 volt power for the GPU - so you need to follow the labeling on the PSU.
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