i forgot my bios password and have been trying to remember it bt in vain, is there a way to unblock it for free laptop is dell

Kindly need help here.
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  1. No one here can or will help you bypass a password on any device for any reason. Ask the person who owns it, or remember your password or contact Dell and prove ownership. Thats your 3 options.
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    You'll just have to think real hard, or contact Dell and be prepared to prove ownership. We cannot and will not assist with cracking a password in here. Strictly against Forum rules.
  3. Hi

    Do you mean the password protection against changing the bios settings
    Or the password preventing start up

    We are not allowed to help you

    If you contact Dell they can probably refer you to a company who will need. Evidence of ownership before using a Dell supplied disk which can erase the EPROM containing the passwords

    But the hard disk access password can't be cleared this way

    Mike Barnes
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