Sapphire Radeon HD7950 Boost Vapor-X vs ASUS GTX 670 DCU II

Both at the same price, so which one to buy ?
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  1. Both are great cards.A lot of people are saing the Asus can be overclocked better.Asus have 3 years warranty Sapphire 2 years. You can go wrong with any of them.
  2. I have a deadline till tomorrow and I'd like a concrete answer. Which one is the better deal, considering either one could be bought at the same price.
  3. well they were direct competitors so u can't say one is better than the other in some games the 7950 will perform better than the 670 and vice versa.
    u should go with the one u like so are u an nvidia person or amd ? choice is yours
  4. Go with the 670, since the performance is the same but the 670 comes equipped with better drivers and features such as shadow play and g sync and much more.

    Also asus is much better than sapphire in my opinion since asus has better cooling, overclocking and looks. Also sapphire uses a plastic shroud 2 here as asus uses a metal one...

    So as you can see there is a clear winner.
  5. So the 670 has better cooling ? I've heard that Sapphire gives pretty good colling system.
  6. Sapphire gives good cooling but asus gives better.
  7. Buy Asus. Don't buy any 670 , better than that is 760 is almost equal with 7950.
    Ihave Radeon video card from years and i didn't had any problem with the drivers.
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