makbook pro 2012 ssd is too slow

i have seen some benchmark tests with similar ssd s and makbooks and mine is really really slow. 27 mbs write and 100 mbs read. i have the 128 gb version. the laptop is a mid 2012 i5 with 8 gig ram. i m not sure that buying another sad will solve the problem, so i m not willing to spend the money before i know for sure. thanks
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  1. need model number of the mackbook and of the ssd
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    mac's serial number is C02HTQ4ADTY3 and this is what i could find about the ssd: Apple ssdSM128 revision VAM0BA1Q. this is not the ssd that came with the macbook, i installed it. from what i could find on the internet, this ssd was shipped with MacBooks Air and is rather slow. But still, it seems too slow..
  3. I would check the partition alignment of the SSD.
    Unfortunately I'm not a Mac guy and don't know what tools are available to do this.
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