Dell UltraSharp U2312HM vs dell S2240T, for gamming?

Dell UltraSharp U2312HM vs dell S2240T
I have this question because:
The ultrasharp has 8ms response time against 12ms of the S2240T
but the S2240T has better contrast (3000:1 - 8 million:1) against (1000:1 - 2 million:1) of the ultrasharp
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    UltraSharp is Dell's best, and its a IPS panel. The Utrasharp uses an AG coating so the screen is ant-reflective, where as the S2240T has a glass screen. The glass offers better richer colors and slighting better clarity but is highly reflective, so placement is very important. If your gaming FPS than the 8ms on the UltraSharp would be better.

    I would personally take the UltraSharp unless you absolutely need a touch screen
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