Game stuttering / micro stuttering

I started playing DayZ standalone and I noticed stuttering when I zoom in ( right click )

Also I would like to add that this stuttering / microstutter doesn't only happen in DayZ but also happened in Arma 3 and in BF4 when I scope in .

So what should I do to fix this ?

Should I -

Increase ram from 4 to 8 gb
Buy a good heatsink to oc my processor ( am using fx 6300 so it might be weak )

Specs -

FX 6300
MSI Gtx 760 tf/oc
4 gb XMS 3 1600Mhz ram
Corsair VS 550 w
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  1. Best answer
    I know for Battlefield 4 it's best to have 8gb ram.
    I'm not sure about the rest. make sure you are running the latest motherboard and graphics drivers.
    What motherboard are you using? Does it need a bios update?
  2. asus m5a78 usb3 ... updated my bios to most recent one
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