Do I need to upgrade BIOS? H61M-A mobo + i5 3570 CPU

Hi all. I have an Asus H61M-A motherboard, and will be putting on an i5 3570 CPU. Now do I need to do anything for the bios? My motherboard was fried so I replaced it with the new Asus H61M-A. Only to discover that my CPU also died. So now I have an ASUS H61M-A and will be purchasing an i5 3570 CPU. How do?
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    Your MB supports the 3570, so no bios upgrade is needed.

  2. Willy156 said:

    If your motherboard BIOS version number is greater than the BIOS version listed above, then you will not need to flash your BIOS.Is your bios version higher than 0301?

  3. Hmm so apparently if the BIOS number on the motherboard is greater than the i5 3570's BIOS number, then i'm good to go. On my ASUS H61M-A motherboard I found "rev 1.02" is that the BIOS number? This mean's im in the clear, right?
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