$1200 Gaming PC for FSX

Hello everyone, I am looking to purchase a gaming pc for FSX and for various other games such as BF4, ARMA III, and DCS World. My budget is around $1200 and I would like the computer to have an Intel processor and a Nvidia graphics card. Since FSX benefits from high CPU speeds, I plan to overclock slightly. If possible I would like to get a 7xx series graphics card and an SSD. I have made a sample configuration (below), but if there is any better configuration, please let me know!

Optimal Parts:
--Intel CPU (unlocked)
--NVIDIA GPU (7xx series prefered)
--Some kind of SSD
--minimum 1TB HDD
--OS included (Windows 8.1 would be best)
--3rd party CPU cooler

Here is a possible system configuration:
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  1. looks good if your going to overclock look into picking up some faster ram.
    you dont have to run it at 2100 but it rated for that speed.
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