buying 3570K, reduced mobo choice question

hi people of the forums, sorry for my english,
i recently bought an intel processor "3570k" from abroad,
and in where i live there isn't much of a choice even the cpu isn't available here so..
here is the motherboard list:

ASUS P8H61-M LE B3 Revision
ASUS P8H61-M LX B3 Revision
ASUS P8H61 PLUS B3 Revision
ASUS P8H61 B3 Revision
as you can see only one manufacturer choice and these ivy supporting chipsets H61 and H67 are the only choice but obviously they were designed for sandys'..

my question is concerning the "turbo boost" i have read mixed opinions on the do-ability of turboboost on these chipsets... so is it possible for the stock 3.4 ghz to jump at the higher 3.8ghz frequency as advertised ?
also does these chipsets have the required options to access the cpu fan speed in the Bios with OS software ?

thanks also i would rather consider the first two option since they are cheaper..

i am alos not interested in OC'ing since i am building a silent rig..
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    Hi. And happy CRISTMAS! Z-77 mobo is better with 3570k. New version is 4670k and Z-87.
    So there is not avible gigabyte mobo? X-D3H is great choice. Z-77 or Z-87
    3570k with Z-77 and 4670k with Z-87. Remember that you need good cpu cooler to OC :)

    Turbo boost works with all mobos. Fan controll works trough bios if your mobo supports this PWM funcktion. Needs 4 cable fan connector. Or with program where you can adjust fan speeds.
    Other option is buy fan controller. Cheap one is Zallman fan mate 2. Or 3.5 or 5.25 bay fan controller. And then you can adjust severl fams not just one. Also many new case do have fan controller pre istalled.

    Maybe best choice if you have not OC before is Asus PRO. Expensive but good.
    Look this.

    Hope this helps :) Good luck with your build :)
  2. The main problem with those boards is that they need a newer BIOS version to support the Core i5-3570K, since it's one generation newer.
  3. thank you guys for your answers,
    i am not trying to OC this machine only trying to have something powerful and silent at the same time...
    i already have a zalman fan contrllers from a previous VGA cooler..
    and i already have experience with upgrading BIOS to recognize newer cpus...
    thanks :)
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