Windows 8.1 doesn't recognize My graphics card!?!?!?

Hello Everyone.

I just got from the store with my new Windows 8.1 Core x32/x64 edition,My Computer Has Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

After Freshly Installing my Windows 8.1 So It's a Clean Install,I noticed that the resolution was wrong (it was 1024x768 and my Monitor Max Resolution is 1280x1024),I went To device Manager and I opened the Display Adapters and It said:"Microsoft Basic Display Adapter".

It says That my GPU has 256mb Of Memory But it Has 1gb.

My GPU:Ati Radeon HD 4650 Series (lol old but gold :))

Please Help me!!! Thanks
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  1. You need to install the AMD video driver.
  2. tom it a few problems rolled into one. first off with a clean install your missing drivers needed to run your pc. you need the motherboard chipset driver first then the video card drivers from amd. also with a clean install some pc will fall back to the onboard video port. if it did and your connected to it it show up as 256mb not the full size of the gpu. install the drivers that your rig is missing and see if the onboard video turns off it it does not in the bios set the gpu as first video output device.
  3. While you were in device manager, did you notice anything else missing? Was anything marked with a yellow exclamation point or under "Other devices?"
  4. Look Guys I Tried Everything Inserting my Mobo Dvd drives and installing them didn't help anything..
    SchizTech I tried that doesn't work Yes There is an Unknown Device under Other Devices
  5. Well Again a New Problem :@ ,Turned On my PC today (am now using my laptop) and it doesn't want to boot up it says:"A operating System wasn't found.Try Disconnecting any Drives that don't contain an operating system."
    Press Ctrl... blah blah

    Now This gives me to rage and brake the f. Windows 8.1 disk.

    Edit:Should i reinstall my Windows 8? The Disk from Windows 8.1 is ejected from the DVD drive,and only the Keyboard Mouse and HDMI for Graphics Card are connected to my PC.
  6. After performing a clean install, I would recommend going to your mobo and video card manufacturers websites and downloading the latest drivers, as the ones on the discs are going to be original drivers and are likely to be out of date. As for the laptop, it sounds like the hdd has died and needs to be replaced :(
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    Fixed it! Finally for some reason my computer was working slow,I opened it up and I saw that my HDD was not good screwed in and the sata cable was stuck in it,And i fixed the Graphics Card problem by Dismouting and Mouting it and Downloading the lastest Video Driver

    Thank you guys
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