Use configured HDD on another computer

Can I boot W7 from a HDD that I have had mounted on another computer, on another PC ? I went home during the holidays and I couldn't take my whole computer with me, so I just took the HDD with the hope that I could mount it on another PC and use it like before.
When I connect the HDD, it recognizes it, the boot manager starts, but right before the "Welcome" window, it crashes and restarts.
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  1. Yes, that is often what happens. Completely different system, chipset, drivers. Windows barfs.
  2. And can I do anything to make it work?
  3. Maybe. Safe Mode, Repair....but then you might be hosing it up for when you go back after the holidays.
  4. Yup, understood. I'd better not risk it. Thank you for your help :)
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