How do I do a BIOS update?

Hello, I will be upgrading to a i5 3330 after Christmas and I know you have to do a BIOS update with my motherboard ( to make it work. Now what I want to know is how to do it, I've looked on the web page for my motherboard and I need a USB drive - I have that. I just need to format it and load the software thing on to it and then what? I'm guessing I need to download this update - "Update BIOS for IvyBridge 22nm CPU", and load it on to a USB and stick it in. Do I need to have all my programs closed down? Will I have to do anything whilst it does what it does? And how will I know that it has worked? Just stick the 3330 in and see if it works? Also one more thing it also says this "*Please make sure you have read the SOP before you update the BIOS. SOP Download: BIOS & ME update SOP*MSI recommend you to update BIOS with ME8 only if you are using IvyBridge 22nm CPU"

What is SOP and ME8? If anyone has done this before or has any knowledge of how to do this, it would be awesome if you could help out!:D

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  1. follow MSIs bios update instructions. they provide step by step instructions with pictures and everything...
  2. You follow the manufacturer upgrade instructions exactly. No deviations.
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