Building PC, think PSU or mobo might be dead?


I'm building my first computer. That said, I've done a lot of research and was very careful and precise through the installation process. I am sure that I have the psu connected to the mobo correctly (both the 24-pin and 8-pin, clicked in correctly). I have checked and replugged the power switch pins numerous times. When I switch on the PSU and hit the power button, I get 0 reaction. I've tried unplugging the HDD and video card and just have the PSU and mobo connected, still absolutely no reaction. PSU is plugged into a working outlet, I switched it from off to on. Tried everything I can think of, no reaction. I've tried taking the mobo out of the case and just having the PSU plugged in and using a screwdriver to start the power switch pins, still nothing.

I was very careful, there are no mounting screws for my case, it just has those mounds. It fit down very nicely with no issue. I'm out of ideas, not sure if there are some other tricks I can try, or what to do if something isn't working. Any help would greatly be appreciated!
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  2. Paperclip test failed. No reaction still. So I guess it's dead then. Thanks for the tip
  3. Yep PSU is dead!
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