New SSD, New Adapter - getting 100kb/s while Mac gets 55mb/s

My custom PC has been having some troubles. As I try to download things to improve my barebones computer, I've been getting speeds as atrocious as ~100 KB/s -- while my MacBook that I'm writing this on is getting over 55 MB/s. I bought a new Alfa AWUS036H 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g WiFi adapter and have a full five out of five bars of connectivity. However my speeds have not improved.

Oddly, my PC says it's getting millions of incoming bytes and takes up tons of my home network's bandwidth -- effectively slowing all other connections in the house. But in contradiction, the speed of download never surpasses ~100 KB/s.

Last month I took my PC to the shop to get this fixed. The guy said my hard drive was failing, so I got a brand new Samsung 840 EVO solid state drive and the speed of operations has improved- but not the internet speed.

My patience is running out, as I have had this issue going on for about a year. Downloading Steam games is a joke, and surfing the web is impossible.

Any input helps. And if you need more info from me, I'll gladly supply.

Thanks everyone!
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  1. prime first off check your wifi router. if it open people are going to leach your bandwith. run malware bytes and hitman pro make sure your system is clean. try runing network in safe mode see if there an app causing your issues. make sure the newest drivers for the wifi card are installed. (check that the wifi adaptor using the fastest speed it can.) try changing the router channel to see if there noise on it.
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    1. don't use wifi
    2. figure out where all that traffic is going if its not going to a download you started. probably malware
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