My Nvidia Geforce 9800GT RAM error in Windows 7 64bits

I got a Nvidia Geforce 9800GT 512mb. When i use Windows XP 32bits, it shows 512mb. But when i use Windows 7 64bits, it shows only 128mb. So what's wrong with it? Can it be because of Direct X. I see in its specs, they said it supports only direct 9,10. But Windows 7 uses direct X11.
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  1. Is the Nvidia driver installed in Windows 7?
  2. Where are you seeing those numbers? Did you verify from nVidia control panel to see if it gives the same information? Did you even install the drivers to begin with? Built-in Windows drivers aren't really good so I would suggest you install latest version from nvidia website.

    If it still doesn't work after that, is your BIOS version up to date? Did you try to reset it to default settings?
  3. No, its default driver only supports 32bits OS, but i installed another driver from Nvidia's website that supports that card, and it works correctly.
  4. whenever i install Windows XP 32 or 64, it shows 512mb. But in Windows 7 both 32 or 64, it shows only 128 even installed driver.
  5. I have tried to update windows from Microsoft, but it's still the same.
  6. You still didn't say where you see those numbers? Is it from nvidia control panel?

    As I suggested, did you check for a BIOS update? Then I suggest you also reset settings to default after the flash.
  7. Download GPUZ and see what it says.
  8. yes, everywhere shows 128mb (nvidia, gpu-z, dxdiag). How to update BIOS n reset after flash? Can it be because of direct x miss match in windows 7 (direct x 11) cuz that card supports only direct x 9,10 (base on its specs).
  9. I had same card and was working fine, still working after 5 years. Never had any problems in windows 32/64 bit
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    Runners: Just go to your motherboard manufacturer website, go in the "Download \ Support" section and select your motherboard model, then in the "Drivers \ Tools" section you can download the latest BIOS version. It should come with instructions or a readme file. There are many different ways to flash a BIOS, but just follow instructions.

    To reset to default settings it's very easy, just enter inside BIOS and there should be an obvious option "Reset to default settings" somewhere, so you can't go wrong.
  11. rafay155 said:
    It is showing 128mb cz its actually 128mb ur win xp is liar and u r robbed u have got 128mb card.

    Impossible, GeForce 9800GT came with either 512MB or 1GB versions. So it's most likely a weird hardware dectection issue. As I suggested flash BIOS to latest version and reset to default settings and see if it helps.
  12. rafay155 said:
    It is showing 128mb cz its actually 128mb ur win xp is liar and u r robbed u have got 128mb card.

    Maybe it isn't 9800GT at all :P
  13. stormworm said:

    Maybe it isn't 9800GT at all :P

    Could be. I had an ATI Radeon 9800GT once and it had 128MB. :)

    But the OP clearly said it's a GeForce, but maybe a different model...
  14. I have updated bios n reset to default already, but it's still the same. Can it be the problem of my motherboard? Motherboard is ASUS P5K SE.
  15. What are the differences between GDDR of GPU?
  16. Runners said:
    What are the differences between GDDR of GPU?

    I don't understand your question.

    But are you sure you got a 9800GT? Can you take the card out of the system and check to make sure?
  17. Yes, completely sure. It shows up when I start up windowns, and I have checked its board already. Can it be motherboard's problem? And GPU uses the same PCI-E slot, but I see many types like DDR2, DDR3, DDR5, .... So what are the differences?
  18. I mean motherboard does not support that VGA. But it correctly show in Windows XP.
  19. The difference between DDR2, 3 or 5 are simply speed. Each time there's a new generation of memory they increase the number, 5 being better and a lot faster.
  20. I cannot find the version of PCI-E x16 on my board ASUS P5K SE whether 1.0 or 2.0, so can anyone tell me? And which version of PCI-E x16 that it supports? Thank you in advance!!
  21. I mean the version of PCI-E of VGA that my board can support.
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