Need Help Please. Can't delete file.

I just bought a new laptop and am trying to use my speakers with it. The speakers run the a Scarlet 2i2 USB interface that comes with a driver disk to install. I installed the drivers but it still didn't work because they are out of date. So i went to the website to download the proper one but as it installs it says

An error occurred when trying to rename a file in the destination
MoveFile failed; Code183
Cannot create a file when that file already exists

I tried going into the sytems32 folder and deleting it but it literally won't let me! I am on the administrator account and I cant change ownership of the file either, it just won't let me!!! Please if anyone can help me that would be amazing, this is really getting annoying.
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  1. You'll need to see what is using that file before you can delete it. Here are three options:

    1- Look at Unlocker:
    2- Process Explorer:
    3- Restart your computer in Safe Mode; This stops all programs and only lets the actual Windows OS run.
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    Try starting windows in safe mode.
    You may be able to delete the file, or even successfully install the driver.
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