I turned off my ps3 to early and it said it was corrupted so I took out the hard drive then put it back in to format. now it l

Help me fix my ps3
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    it does that when you unplug ps3 before it shuts down. when turned on it says that hard drive is corrupted, press X and the hdd will be checked for errors.and after that it will turn on normally. there was no point in taking out the hard drive. it happen to me like a 100 times.

    On very rare occasions, you need to boot ps3 into safe mode and "restore ps3 system"
  2. That happened last night and I watched a video that said to take out hard drive. It reformatted my ps3 and I lost everything. Now it seems to be working fine again. Hopefully it stays that way.
  3. Where do I find safe mode?
  4. cemetarygates said:
    Where do I find safe mode?

    1. Connect the PS3 to any display preferably using the HDMI output.
    2. Connect the PS3 to a power source. Also make sure the PS3 is off and not started.
    3. Hold the Power On button until you here a beep which should take no more than 7 secs and also resets the video settings BUT DON'T LEAVE PRESSING THE BUTTON. After almost 5 secs you will hear another beep. Now leave the power button. Your PS3 is shut downed now.
    4. Repeat Step 3 once again , quickly.
  5. can you give me the link to the video, because its misleading
  6. Not sure how to post the link, I'm on my cell phone so my options are limited.
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