loud buzzing noise from psu

today when a turned on my pc from sleep mode it was making a very loud buzzing noise and it seems to be coming from the psu. after i heard the noise i immeadiatly turned off the computer and then i turned it on again and it did it again so now i am afraid to use my computer. the noise sounds like a flickering floresent light its very loud and noticeable. please help i dont wanna lose another motherboard because of a power supply
(antec bp550 plus) i have not overclocked anything in my computer
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  1. this look like there is something that made ground in the psu that should not did you try to dust it off .
  2. How old is the power supply?
  3. jay2577 said:
    How old is the power supply?

    it is maybe a month old so i shouldn't be very dusty and if this has anything to do with it i just installed new fans
  4. you put the new fan in the system or the psu if it is in the system unplug to see if you stil have buzzing .
  5. Are you sure it's the power supply making the noise and not one of the fans?
    If it is the power supply return it for a replacement under warranty
  6. it is in the case not the psu and the fans are at the top of my case and the psu is at the bottom where the noise is coming from my fans which are pwm came with quiet adapters which i think caused the problem
  7. unplug it and se if noise is gone fan are cheap to replace .
  8. all fans unplugged except cpu same noise
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    Then it looks like you need to return the PSU:(
  10. after being unplugged for a while the noise stopped but im still gonna get a new one just because i dont wanna risk it
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