if I leave the auto repair loop running, will it eventually work?

my laptop is stuck and i dont have a recovery disc
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  1. running auto repair in loop wont help....it would work in the first run itself if it were to work.
  2. siddharthmukul007 said:
    running auto repair in loop wont help....it would work in the first run itself if it were to work.

    thanks, so any thoughts? this is killing me!!
  3. what problem are you having????
  4. my laptop, when switched on, starts an auto repair then diagnosing
    problem then back to automatic then diagnosing and so on and so forth,
    my nephew took the battery out when i was recovering system, little
  5. must have damaged your master boot record or something. difficult to tell
  6. so how do I fix??? plz
  7. thank you i shall give this a try but dont have disc or usb file, what now??
  8. you already are in the middle of step 2 of the guide...
  9. it's not letting me even into that menu, just the auto repair loop then diagnosing, then back to auto repair loop, no menu comes up. I really appreciate the help.
  10. you can download an iso form here:


    and use an usb drive....that will help you.
  11. that would be great, but there is no product key underneath the laptop and, like I say there s no disc, are there other options? I am desperate to fix this thanks.
  12. did your laptop come pre-installed with windows 8???
  13. yes mate.
  14. than contact your laptop manufacturer customer care and explain to them your problem. ask for your product key. many a times they even will send you a disc
  15. thanks, but those cust service lines are torture and expensive lol is there no other option at all????
  16. EDIT: download the iso (typo) and repair.....you wont need a product key for that.

    its just that having a product key handy is a good idea for the future
  17. cheers what is the is? and how would I get to that? thanks
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