Setting up 120gb Boot SSD with 1TB storage HDD

I currently have a 1TB HDD running on my pc with everything on it. I plan on getting a 120 GB SSD to run as a boot drive. Will this be as simple as formatting my current hard drive, plugging in my SSD, then installing windows to it? What would be the optimal way of doing this?
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    Disconnect the HDD
    Connect the SSD
    Install the OS
    Install any updates.
    Verify everything works as advertised.
    Connect the HDD
    Install applications where you want
    See this tutorial for how to save things where you want:
  2. You dont even have to format your existing drive, I wouldn't. You may find that you have some important files you wish you had saved, like game saves, browser bookmarks...
    Once you are sure theres nothing left you want, then just delete the folders/files.
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