Looking for the right heatsink

I have a Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3h rev 4.0 motherboard

i have 4 sticks of ripjaws 4gb pc 1600 ram

and a SilverStone SST-RL01B mid tower case

What would be my best air cooled solution for a push pull configeure to the back of the case.

i have 2 sapphire 7870's in crossfire so i think i should be drawing air from the front to the back of the case rather then off the hot gpu's exhausting upwards.

however i do have 2 exhaust fans to draw air out on the top of this case and 1 on the bottom to draw air in .

i have been looking at all kinds of heatsinks looking at there dimensions and cfm's and what not i just can not make a decision so anyone with this case and simular board , what heatsink did you or could i use,

please make suggestions for products avaibable on newegg as i have a 10 dollar gift card threw newegg.

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  1. What is your CPU and budget including your $10 gift card?
  2. CPU is fx 8350 and budget is 65 with gift card
  3. I looked at that heatsink phanteks ph tc11dx and it was on the list of possibilities but one review states amd3+ useres beware that this unit only has 1 mounting option which is up/down and will block one of the ram slots . Can you confirm or deny that review ?

  4. Ah sorry i didn't see that you had 4 sticks of ram. Yes it does cover 1 ram stick
  5. Best answer

    $5 over budget but if you read you'll see that it's compatible with your ram:)
    Best i can do at 1am in the UK:sleep:
    The NH-U12S is the latest 12cm model of Noctua’s classic U-series single tower CPU coolers, which have received more than 400 awards and recommendations from the international press. The S-version’s 45mm slim shape guarantees 100% compatibility with tall RAM modules and at the same time, its fine-tuned design and the class-leading NF-F12 FocusedFlow™ fan with PWM support for fully automatic speed control allow it to further improve its predecessor’s renowned quiet cooling performance. Topped off with the trusted, pro-grade SecuFirm2™ multi-socket mounting system, Noctua’s proven NT-H1 thermal compound and full 6 years manufacturer’s warranty, the NH-U12S is a complete premium quality solution that combines outstanding performance, quiet operation and excellent compatibility.
  6. Just covering the stick should be okay. As long. As it doesn't interfere with it and I can still use all 4 sticks then I would rather get the phanteck one. So will I still be able to use all 4 sticks with a front to back push and pull config or will I be limited to a up and down configuration?
  7. the second option seems okay,looks like it has good clearances.
  8. Yes the first option might mean having to remove 1 stick of ram.
    The Noctua coolers are well known for their quality:)
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