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I recently built a new computer and I have been having an ongoing issue. Seemingly; randomly while playing games the game will freeze and eventually go into "Not Responding" mode. If I leave it for 30 seconds to a minute it comes back and I can resume as normal. The strange thing is; that I can tab over to my other monitor and use applications outside of the game without any slowness or issues. The really bizarre thing about this is if I open a web browser and try to use the internet, I have no connectivity. Basically; while the game is in the 30 second or so "Not Responding" state; my internet connectivity in my browser doesn't work. Once the game recovers itself the internet connectivity goes back to normal. This occurs while playing games both that require internet and games that don't. If I am in an online game; I typically get disconnected once the game recovers.

I have re-installed all mobo drivers and video drivers as well as re-formatting and re-installing the OS... no luck. I have also run diagnostics on the RAM and hard drive with no issues reported. I have swapped in a different video card and the issue still occurs.

The computer specs are:
Video: Gigabyte 270x 2GB
Processor: Intel Core i5-4570s CPU @ 2.90 GHz
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Mobo: Gigabye B85M-D3H
Hard drive: 500GB Toshiba SSD
The PSU 700W and was used in my previous computer that was working fine.

Any help would be awesome! Thanks guys.
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  1. old parts + new pc = fail

    what brand and model is the psu? 700W is sufficent here *IF* its branded/decent and if its not 3+ years old (component ageing)
  2. apache_lives said:
    old parts + new pc = fail

    what brand and model is the psu? 700W is sufficent here *IF* its branded/decent and if its not 3+ years old (component ageing)

    Hey there. Thanks for the reply!

    The PSU being used is:

    It is 3+ years old. I figured with the wattage and brand that it would still be reliable enough for a newer machine given it was working well in the last one.
  3. furmark + prime95 to load up the system, see how that goes and post back

    im not an OCZ fan but that psu is sufficent
  4. Yeah, OCZ.... I'm usually not a big fan of these, but, the Fatality model is pretty decent...... and even with component aging 700watts is plenty for a Single 270X (your drawing maybe 400watts from the wall for the full system (hey, get a Kill-A-Watt meter, $20 well spent...))

    Usually a crash, pause n recover is the video driver crashing......
    - GPU isn't OC'd, or is it? (goto stock)
    - CPU isn't OC'd, or is it? (goto stock)
    - That said, do a clean install of AMD 13.12 WHQL driver.....
  5. Sorry for the delay in my response; I was away on vacation for the holidays.

    No, I haven't OC'd my GPU or CPU. I did the fresh install of the driver linked above; still no luck.

    I ran the furmark diagnostic tool. I did the burn-in test. First time I ran it; it triggered the freezing issue described in my first post (then eventually started after hanging as it would in a game) as I clicked the start button. It finished the test after that point with no issues. I ran it again to be sure and the test started up fine immediately.

    I ran the Prime95 diagnostics as well and no issues were reported.
  6. Just as a follow up to my issues.

    Now, when I turn on the computer it the post beep will just repeatedly beep forever until I power the computer down and turn it on again, at which time it boots properly.

    Also, another interesting thing I found. The issue described where the internet connectivity issue occurs while the game is freezing... It kind of happens when NOT in a game as well. I was just browsing the internet yesterday and realized the internet was hanging when I tried to navigate to a page. No programs went into "not responding" (because I wasn't in a game), but I had to wait the 30s to a minute before the browser connectivity worked again.... So it seems if this issue occurs in a game it freezes the game and connectivity; but if not in a game, it just messes with the connectivity... I am really thinking this is a motherboard issue at this point.
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    Use onboard video for a few days see if the intermittent post issue disappears (cold start issue - bad video cards do this)

    Also make sure your cpu hsf is installed correctly (could be related to the hang/freeze issue)
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