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Hey, everybody! I have been looking for a ATX mid-tower chassis for my relatively soon-to-be rig, but am at a slight standstill. I know for a fact I'm getting a 3.0 usb flashdrive for Christmas, and would love to fully utilize that by getting a nice value case that supports my mobo and all that jazz. My soon-to-be mobo is the Asus m5A99fx pro r2.0 which has 2 3.0 ports in the rear, and 2 of them midboard which I assume can be used for the front of a case? I picked that mobo to leave my self much extra room in case I decide to upgrade some stuff. Anyways. If they can be used in the front, that would be excellent. I am willing to sacrifice having 3.0 headers on the case if the case is of excellent quality and has great cooling. Having said that, I still prefer the idea of having 3.0 ports on the front for easier access. As for the price, I am ideally going for somewhere in the $50 range, but am not so stingy that I can't go up another 10 or 20. I was originally looking at the CM Elite 311 which looks nice, but no 3.0 on the front. I tried looking into the Elite 311 plus, but I can only assume they are discontinued. The Zalman chassis from the AMD budget build thread was apparently 24.99, but has gone up significantly. Anyways. Help would be appreciated.
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    Excellent. They both look like fine cases and are on my list of options. I appreciate the reply!
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