Realtek "Stereo Mix" Problems

I have been at this all day and I'm getting real sick of this shit. I have been Installing and uninstalling , doing a hell of a lot of research on this and no matter what i try its just not appearing in my Windows 7 computer at all , all i am actually trying to do is convert my Speakers into a Mic for recording purposes , I went to Youtube and I followed there exact instructions which seemed pretty simple. I must have tried it like 4 times , its still installed now but no matter how many times i reset and uninstall / reinstall , it refuses to show up in my "Recording devices" and before anyone asks yes i have both "Show disabled devices" & "show Disconnected devices." checked :/

I have a Windows 7 Computer BTW
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  1. convert speakers into a mic??? ha ha ha just buy a cheap mic.
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