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I am about to transfer some files from one computer to another. I need to know the best way to do this as there are about 7-8 gigabytes that have to be transferred.
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  1. There are a few options, but each may be limited by what you have available.
    What operating system are you using, and are the computers in the same location and on the same network?

    If both computers are running Linux or OSX, you could use the rsync or scp commands. These commands will work across the internet in case the computers are far apart and not on the same network.

    If you have a USB flash drive that has a capacity of over 8GB, or an external hard drive, then that could be a simple solution.

    If you're running Windows, you could setup a shared folder on one of the machines that the other can access. If the computers are not on the same network and only connected over the internet, then I think running an FTP server on one of them is the most straightforward solution.
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    plug in external usb flash drive or hardrive (copy content)
    burn two dvds and then copy the files
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