all usb ports stopped working asus windows 7

my asus k55v laptop worked fine for 18 months now all usb ports stopped working .
error 32 "A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality."
I have tried to uninstall the 3 drivers without success .
please help !!!
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  1. Try downloading the correct driver and then completely remove the USB driver in device manager. Then immediately run the drive installation program.
  2. I am also currently having this issue with my ASUS laptop. Customer support had me reset something in the BIOS which didn't work so we reset the machine to factory settings. This worked for a day or two until a windows update installed and I'm having the same problem again. I tried rolling back the drivers with no success. I'll be calling support tomorrow if they are open.
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    First, go follow this guide to "Disable Windows Automatic Updates..."

    Then try the "reset to factory settings" procedure again.

    Basically my assumption here is Win 7 updates are installing a new driver it Thinks is compatible with your system, but, is Not. I've had this before, wait a few months then try turning auto-updates back on. Microsoft usually fixes there bugs after a bit....
  4. Never let windows update drivers. I have been burned by that several times my self. Take out the driver like I posted earlier. First get the newest versions of drivers at the MB web site and install them. Whenever windows wants to install a driver, I always right click on the update and then "hide" it so it will not show up again. First you should set windows update to only let you know when updates are available so you can check the updates before any are installed. I also check every now and again to see if new drivers have been listed at the manufacturer's web site. When they come available I download and install them. I also keep a copy of the latest drivers on my HD.
  5. after trying all solutions without luck ended up taking it to repairer , they did a reinstall of windows 7 . all good now !!!
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