Computer made a loud popping noise, but still turns on.

Greetings all! I recently added a new GTX 780 Classified; consequently, I also added a new EVGA Supernova 1000 watt power supply. I was playing some pretty intense games when I heard a loud POP!

My computer went dead. The Asus "Power Surge" notification came up. I have not tried any power intensive activities, but everything appears to be working correctly. I could not see any signs of blown capacitors. Everything on the motherboard looked good, the graphics cards looked good, and my bios indicate that I'm getting stable temps.

I called EVGA for a new power supply. Am I correct in thinking that the fault lies with the power supply?
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  1. More than likely the pop came from the PSU.
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    More than likely the pop came from the PSU.
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