Help me choose Palit gtx660 OC 2gb or Sapphire R9-270X Dual-X w/Boost OC Version 2G?

Which one should I go for?, sapphire is a little bit expensive but if it's worth it I'll go buy it instead.

btw here's my set-up:

Processor: i5 4570
Mobo: Gigabyte sniper B5
Ram/memory: G.skill 4gbx1 1600 cl9
Hd int: WD caviar blue 1tb
psu: fsp hexa 500watts
atx: Aerocool ferrum white
gpu: ?

can my system specially the processor and psu handle those two gpu I'm choosing from?
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  1. why not 760? 660 is good but the 192 bit bus will hold u baq. else if you cant afford 270x is the way. if you can stretch lil more go for 280x.
  2. A gtx 660ti would be level with an R9-270x, they use less power, are quieter and only have around a 1-5 frame difference. Not to mention it would be slightly cheaper.

    So for your system because of your psu I would suggest a gtx 660Ti instead and yes your processor can handle this quite easily, in fact I've never seen an incompatibility with anything above i3's
  3. aw the gtx660TI is now phased out in my country only thing available is the gtx660 OC version and the gtx66TI jetstream that's quite expensive out of the budget.
  4. whats the price of both the products?
  5. I converted the price in USD because I know you'll get quite confuse if I use philippine peso currency.
    The gtx660 OC USD: 195.95, the gtx660TI jetstream USD: 281.54, Sapphire R9 270x dualx USD: 201.58
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    sapphire then. that would be best bang for buck. my 2 cents
  7. So can my PSU handle the sapphire gpu?, if it can then I'll go buy the sapphire gpu tomorrow. while it's still on Christmas sale...hehe
  8. i havent heard of that psu so that supscious. but your psu should be able to handle. though i no psu expert, i say check with the experts on psu abt that but seems it should run.
  9. Okay thanks ^_^
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