7850 - Sapphire or Asus? (Overclocking)

I am about to buy 7850 2GB but im confused between Asus and Sapphire.
Which one of them will give more performance when OC'd max ..i know Asus is bit slow at stocks but which one will give better results when overclocked heavily?
And which one is good quality and better at cooling?
Asus HD7850DC22GD5
Sapphire 7850HD 2GB (Non OC version)
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    Asus usually has better coolers and cooling.

    Sapphire has more higher clocks at stocks sometimes, but not always.

    Both can be heavily overclocked.

    Stalemate for me. Difficult to pick a winner.

    But I'd go for Asus, because of their better cooling solutions.
  2. I'm too leaning towards Asus.
  3. Asus direct Cu ALL THE WAY ... its so quit ... and great cooling.. i got the 7790 and r9 270x both are asus direct cu .. works perfect...

    Happy gaming :D
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