will bf 4 run on intel hd graphics 4000??? plz help... if not then tell me some nice pc games that can run on my pc.....

i just brought a laptop with this graphic and wanna play some cool games... i played prototype 2, dark souls and almost every nfs games except the run and rivals... but i'm doubtful if bf 4 wlll run on my pc.. and to be more precise i have 4 gb RAM, i use win 8.1 and the processor is i3. so plz help me out....
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  1. No it does not
  2. that's the spec's needed and i'd say the answer is essentially no. you may be able to do it if everything is turned down/off and play around 720p, even then it may lag. sorry mate, maybe someone else knows something i don't. good luc
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    It may "run" but not at any playable framerate I would think.
    An HD4000 gpu is the integrated (on cpu) intel graphics chip, and is mainly for very light gaming , web surfing, watching youtube videos etc.
    There is an article on Tom's here someplace on both intel and AMD integrated graphics and how they benchmark.
    HD4000 does not do very well if I remember correctly.
    At least not when trying to run any modern game.

    Was there a reason you "needed" a laptop? For what a cheap(ish) laptop costs, you can put together a desktop that WILL run almost all modern games at decent resolutions and framerates.
  4. thanks all of u guys i was going to bf 4 today but thanks to u all guys i don't have to. is there any good pc game preferbly action and adventure that I can play???? any other pc game will also do....
  5. I have Intel hd 4600, i7-4770, 8gb ram, 2X samsing 840 evo 120gb in RAID 0. Waiting for non reference r9 290 to buy and eight now I can barely pay Assassin's Creed 3 at medium, 720p with ~30 fps.
    So no, you can't play bf4 on that thing.
  6. For adventure games that would run reasonably well on your PC, try Lord of the Rings Online. Free to play for the first 30 ish levels so you can try it and see if you like it. MMO game. The graphics engine will scale up and down a long way, and it still looks decent even turned down.

    I also play Eve Online, a space type MMO/shooter. But it is not free, and the learning curve is pretty much vertical......:)
    But it runs fine on low end hardware.

    I would look on Steam for sales, sometimes you can get games free or very very cheap. It won't hurt so much if it runs poorly if it cost you very little or nothing.
    Online first person shooters with lots of players will probably not run very well for you, But there are some that would be "playable"

    A lot of the time games that are more single player oriented will run ok for laptop guys, but they suffer greatly in online play.
    League of Legends is a free to play MOBA game you could try, with the graphics turned down it run fine for you.
    There are quite a few others that fall in to that category these days.

    World of Tanks would probably run for you with everything turned all the way down, at some sort of playable framerate.
    Also free.

    Hope this helps with some stuff you can try before plunking down your money. Then you will have a better idea what your computer can handle.
    One thing to keep in mind. Long gaming sessions tend to make laptops get HOT!
    Use a cooling pad or set it on a table with it raised up on something that lets air flow around it. Actually sitting it on your lap may get uncomfortable lol.
  7. thanks exroofer!!! looks like u can give me some non-online pc games and will syndicate and CoD black ops 2 run on my pc???
  8. Lots of games on sale on Steam at the moment. I bought Chivialry:Medieval warfare for about £3 ($5-6), and thats a lot of fun and will play on HD4000. Its quite tongue in cheek FPS with bow/arrows and swords/maces/spears etc.
  9. You can rib counter strike global offensive... Is an awesome game!!
  10. fardin1 said:
    thanks all of u guys i was going to bf 4 today but thanks to u all guys i don't have to. is there any good pc game preferbly action and adventure that I can play???? any other pc game will also do....

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
    You can play it at low and get good fps, around 40.
  11. Thank's to all of u guy's ...
    but can u guy's tell me whether syndicate and cod black ops 2 run on my pc?????
  12. Yes you can play it, but you will want the resolution at no more than 1024x768 and keep the detail settings low.
  13. Thanks to all of u guy's....Now i can play some cool pc games..
  14. you can definitely play counter strike at high settings..........become an expert in counter strike......people will recognise u......playing and wasting time on other games will make u addicted to gaming.......and then u will face problems in ur personal u wont be able to form relationships........and then u wont even get a girlfriend.......u will just be a stupid gamer.....who has no friends and spends time in the artificial world of i recommend u if u want to play on pc and maintain a personality....then play counter strike......become pro.....and u will be the same time...u will also have a good personality....and u will be happy in your intel hd graphics very good and can easily rape counter strike at 60 frames per second.
  15. you can run it on lowest settings probably........
    As it is an laptop it cant be upgradable so check that whether u could upgrade ur ram to 8 gb so you could run it good.....
  16. you know im able to run it at meadiam at normal resolution with normal fps what you call "run" means 60fps it will run at 30 with mediam settigs and about 40-55 in low
  17. to answer your question it will run, at 30-50 fps just mess around with the settings
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